The blogging beginning.

Just a shout out into what I dub the great void. I think I think wrong. I find what interests me not commonly on the commonplace moment, but abstract ideas that are grounded into the depths of basic human understanding. I feel like we are that simple, and it’s amazing how hard we try to offer a complexity to it. I am a human being, and as such, I am going to make an enormous amount of mistakes. I am. I am also going to sabotage great moments or I am going to embrace great moments. I am going to be very unsure what a great moment is until much later in my life when I’m on a path of reflection. I hope I am at least. I don’t remember the way people remember. I like telling stories, but they are never my stories. I don’t get personal, I get abstract.

So here is my blogging beginning. I don’t always know what confidence is about, but I am confident that I will continue to operate under the assumption that I am a person of interest. As we all are, really. In my opinion, confidence stems from an understanding of who you are, and what you can do. If you believe in yourself, there’s an abundance of confidence, and I have seen these souls rise above us all, and take the greatest plummet. I asked myself long ago, do I want this? Is success, or better, believing that I was good enough what I was afraid of? Believing I deserve the best out of life. Is that the best? Taking what I have for what it is and embracing it as the best could actually accomplish the same thing, can’t it? Should I quest for the best when there is always better?

This is what I like talking about, and the purpose of me blogging at all? Aren’t we all the simple? Didn’t I just say that? If that is so, simply put, isn’t one blog just as good as the next? Should I even bother? I feel that the simple truth for me is this. I am simple, I want to belong, and in order to belong, I have to raise my voice and speak as well, and join the community encompassing everyone who feels the same way, or anyway. I am simple, but my perspective is unique. My hope is that I can bring it to you.

My name is Joey. There are a great deal of Joey’s in the world. I am a father. There’s a great deal of fathers in the world. I consider myself weird. I’m sure there are a great deal of souls who can relate to that. My perspective is unique to me because of the way I experience it. I am who I am, and the way I deal with everything is as unique to me as my fingerprint, but the patterns that I have connect to others of a like signature. We identify these commonalities and then we start to belong to something. An idea of an ultimate connection, I suppose.

I am usually pretty withdrawn, as I don’t let many people in. I bet no one else does that. What I like to talk about are the things that relate to the commonalities, and my perception of them. If by me writing about this subject, I can help someone connect to a missing piece that helps them complete the piece they’ve been looking for, than I would be happy. I want to talk about the things that matter to me. So that’s what I will do. I am also going to really try to read others. For two reasons. One, that I may understand a perspective I can connect to or learn from. Two, so that I may respect the same spirit that I’m sure all of you who would read this embraced, and that is to express yourselves as well into the void.

This is a start for me to just explore the human condition in a way to answers the perplexing questions I face in my day-to-day life to find my path to happiness, and keep the vigil. So for those of you who are reading this, I hope to hear from you, and I want to connect with you as well. Throw your links, I will do my best to read every one of them, and if possible, comment about it.

The great void must be explained as I see it. It can be whatever you wish it to be, but I always imagine me standing on a mountain top in the dead of night and screaming into the universe. I send it out with no expectation that it will be answered, but a hope that it may.


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