Everyone loves a montage!

Forward. Yes, at long last I discovered the only direction we can actually go. We could stop, but that isn’t a direction, or in truth an action at all. It’s the lack of direction. Time marches forward, the saying likes to remind us, so we must march to its beat as we measure our moments  of existence with a tick of a clock. Who we are, what we are, who we let into our little world’s all fall along this forward direction. We move forward, and then connect, and for a time we move forward together. Many times that connection is severed and we remain moving forward, but no long moving together.

I have come to appreciate this movement  in life. Most of my kids are young, and we are in the golden years of life, love and family. Things are hard, but we find ways to make them work for us. We aren’t stressed about a lot of things other people stress about, but I have tried to make that an integral part of my existence; to never sweat the small stuff. I am on a direction, ultimately heading to my death, and there’s not a thing I can do to stop that. What I can choose to do is enjoy the view as I move along. I try and embrace every day especially those seemingly insignificant days that make up the majority of our lives as filler for those in between epic moments. The epic moments are great and grand, but sometimes its what led to that epic moment that made the difference. Usually in a movie these moments make up the montage.

There’s a great moment in Team America, if you haven’t seen the movie, well you haven’t. It’s not my duty to make you feel worse or better about yourself whether or not you saw it. I did, many times, and I thought it was hilarious. Anyway, there’s the montage scene when our hero is becoming the hero he is destined to be, and it’s accompanied by a kick ass song. It usually shows various exercises or small obstacles that can easily described in about five seconds. When I see them, I always wonder what else happened in that day.


My girl is sitting on the bed editing my novel.

I’m at the computer typing. I arch my back to stretch it out, and yawn deeply trying to stretch my face.

The kids are up from their naps. We take turns holding them, kissing them, playing with them, feeding them, changing them, and loving them.

Bed time is coming, we bathe them, brush their hair, their teeth. We check toe nails and finger nails, we clean the ears, and then we read stories, and then tell stories. Bed time is over.

Weary we creep back into our room, and my girl is sitting on the bed editing my novel

I’m at the computer typing. I arch my back to stretch it out, and yawn deeply trying to stretch my face.

But life is never standing still. It’s always on the move, it’s always moving forward, and if you don’t take the time to enjoy the ride, put down the phone, stop looking at everything that is less than everything than the everything that surrounds you and makes your world unique and special to you.

I am speaking to me as the you, but if the universal you can apply, so be it. I am tired of being in a hurry. I know it’s going to end. I don’t need to rush. I love my life at the moment, but I have been happy for quite awhile. Perhaps it’s because more of my purpose has been defined, and I think I found the secret of how to do it. The secret it is to just go out and do it. Finding the happiness is to be happy with the choices that I’ve made. I’m here the moment is now, and I’m going to make the most of it. This may be my montage, but I’m going to enjoy it for now. When I’m ready to move on, I know I will just do it. I can already see my montage will have many scenes of me typing away on the computer, but that’s cool. I’m happy doing it. In this world, I can say whatever I want, and whether anyone wants to read it is there business. I feel better for writing it.

Move forward!

Enjoy the ride!


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