My Rules for Happy

My Rules for Happy


It’s that simple. That is the dream. Be Happy! That’s it. Unfortunately this requires a bit of work to achieve. These are the rules I have determined for myself to be mindful of every single minute of every day. So far they have worked.

  1. Live life – Embrace what life has to offer. Try to enjoy a balance between indulgence and pragmatic healthy choices. Embrace the wild and chaotic, embrace what sets the world in stone. Order and Chaos, always the balance.
  2. Learn to Swim – Literally and more importantly metaphorically learn to swim through the seas of confusion and doubt. When amidst the frightful and unknowing, just keep swimming. Each stroke brings me closer to the resolution. Things always resolve if you work on it. Pick a direction and go.
  3. Be – Just be. There’s no one else I can be. Learn to love myself for the good and the bad. Learn to take each lesson as a way to see things more clearly. Be honest with myself. Don’t be too hard on myself, but don’t be too lenient as well. Always the Balance.
  4. Love love – Why is this so hard to do? Sometimes I feel foolish when in fact I find most of my joy in being the fool who laughs in the rain, who dances, and finds mirth and joy in the most unlikely of places or routines. Love the idea of loving, and being loved. Love love.
  5. Wax on Wax Off – Let each opportunity be a challenge to achieve more than one end. Two birds with one stone. Clean the house and make it a work out. Make the mundane more interesting by adding another benefit to the task.
  6. Stay on Target – Don’t lose focus. The number one goal is to be happy. That requires an understanding of what is impeding it, and what I can do to alleviate the stress of the situation. When it gets rough, find the good within, but accept that it’s going to suck. Grin and bear it, and rejoice when the hard time is over. It’s not always bad, it’s not always suppose to be good. Balance always the balance.
  7. Do Unto Others… – This is one that I believe is more universal amongst most religions and schools of thought. It’s really easy to get along if we can all agree to do so. Accept others and their beliefs, and at the same time require everyone to do the same. We are all here for ourselves and those we choose to let into our worlds, but we are responsible (as a participant in society) to respect each other. Steer clear of judgment as if I am some expert on what is right and wrong. If it potentially can inflict harm onto me or another, react quickly and efficiently, and try to make it as peaceful as possible. As much as I wish this was just common sense, I know that sometimes I and many of my fellow human don’t always act with this understanding in mind. Respect.
  8. Not done yet – Everything in life evolves from one state to another. There is no constant for me, so always keep an understanding that the rules are subject to change by the management without any warning or reason. I am always in motion, and need to try and understand that I am a work in progress who will never be fully finished. Just keep working on it, and enjoy the now for what it is.
  9. We’re in the now now – It flies. The past is done, and the future is something to work for, but it is the now that we need to be mindful of the most. Every moment is precious, and filled with a million possibilities. Being cognizant of the now will give me the brief moment to slow down time long enough to appreciate it before it disappears in time. Take advantage of the now to do what is right, and what will keep me on the path towards happiness. The goal is the past, the present, and the future to be a story primarily of happiness and the joy of living it.
  10. Balance always the balance – Everything in moderation including being moderate. The fine line is exactly that fine, thin, and once it’s crossed there are new circumstances to be aware of. Find a way to be happy with whatever moment I am in, and try to understand its place in the balance of my life.

I am no expert; I don’t even know what one is. I only know that this is what I’ve been able to learn and adapt to my own understanding of what it takes to be happy. I don’t know if this would work for anyone else. It’s possible.

This list of ten represent years of hardship, depression, reflection, victories, defeats, failures, successes, love, loss, laughter, sadness, and hours upon hours of being completely lost, or in other words, my life. I am still on my journey (real happy about that), and I see it as a journey. I can appreciate the view, and hopefully snap a picture or two. It’s going way too fast, but I can honestly say that for the most part, I’m enjoying every minute of it.






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